How do I transfer my NeoFinder catalogs to my iPhone/iPad?

The NeoFinder Users Guide has all the details for you.

12.1 Get your NeoFinder Catalogs to the iPhone or iPad

The current options to get your catalog files to the iPad or iPhone are:

12.1.1 Using iTunes
12.1.2 Using Dropbox
12.1.3 Using Mail and other Apps
12.1.4 Using AirDrop
12.1.5 Using iCloud Drive

What Find options do I have?

The NeoFinder Users Guide has more about this:

12.2 The Find Editor

How many catalogs can NeoFinder iOS handle?

That depends on the memory your iPhone has, and how large your catalogs are. As the catalogs are installed on the iPhone, they may use a lot of space there.
We are interested to learn how many catalogs in which sizes you actually use with NeoFinder iOS, please let us know!

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